Combined Arms-Maritime

Thank you, I and the other students have enjoyed an intense and educational course that has taken me back to basics and then re-built my skills and drills on weapons systems. I have learnt a lot over my time in the Forces but as I and the instructors found out these skills are often lost and bad habits tend to creep in over the years and it is good to be able to get back to basics and re-learn with the help on subjectmatter experts.

I could not have chosen a better bunch of people to get on with, instructors and students alike. It has been a laugh and I and the other lads have really enjoyed getting to know you all and spending time on and off the firing point.

Please find below my feeling on this course,


The administration and passage of relevant information for this course as been excellent, both Julie and Mark have been in touch with with me on an almostdaily basis prior to commencing the course. It was good to know that I could contact you regarding payment and other matters such as travel and accommodation and just to have a chat about the course and at no point did I feel that you was not interested in any small details.


The accommodation was clean and well laid out and it provides a base location close to the town and is not too far away from the range.


The amount of weapon systems available for the course is excellent, to be able to get access to different makes of pistols and rifles at the same time so as to be able to compare and fire the weapons is a massive plus point. Not only can the students be instructed on the weapons, the students are invited to handle and learn all the various systems up close and with subject matter experts sat with them whilst having a cup of tea.


The range complex offers a safe environment in which to learn weapon handling and live firing with good safe range layout. The firing point is well lit and dry offering a clean area for both students and instructors, the club house offers a place for all the people on the range to get away and relax between details and to be able to sit down and talk about the course and just have a chat between friends.


The structure of this course has been intense but not overwhelming, the lessons and live firing have been delivered at the students pace and has ensured that both knowledge and value for money has been received. All the instructors have provided clear instruction and have taken time out to speak to us as friends and not just as customers. The fact that we have been able to have one on one training and coaching at all times has enabled us as students to obtain constant subject matter expertise from the instructors.


I will be recommending Euro Tactical as course providers


Yes, I will be booking a follow up course to keep up my skills.


I have enjoyed a course that has offered me the chance to learn on new weapons systems under excellent instruction with no limitation on equipment and availability on rounds and yes I do believe that I have had excellent value for money.


I have enjoyed meeting all the members of your team and getting to know you not just as instructors but now as friends, with various backgrounds in the Forces and the Police we have been able to learn from subject matter experts and also have a laugh and get to know each other. I do feel that because your team is so open minded and friendly it helps with the course and we know that we can talk to you if things are not sinking in straight away.

I would like to take this time to thank you all for a course that was both educational and enjoyable, I have enjoyed meeting you all and making new friends and I lookforward to keeping in touch. I will look at booking a course in 12 months time to continue my development.

Thank you all for your time and help

Best wishes,


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