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As a self employed Armaments Engineer, I spend a lot of time on the range with people after fixing their firearms. Often the complaint I receive from the user is: The firearm is shooting low or left/right or won’t hold a group. Nine times out of ten it’s user error but I needed to find a way of tactfully explaining it.
So I decided to contact Euro Tactical and see if they could deliver a bespoke training package for me to analyse a shooters position, grip, stance etc and offer correctional advice and allow them to feel confident with their firearm.
Mark and Julie responded to my email within hours of my initial enquiry and we discussed my requirements and suitable course dates. I booked a 3 day range package and decided to bring my son along to use as a student and to give him an introduction to semiautomatic firearms in a safe and controlled environment. I also booked 4 nights accommodation in their spacious and very well appointed town house.
Julie handled all the booking arrangements and was in frequent contact providing me with everything I could possibly need to facilitate a smooth arrival. She provided local airport info, GPS co-ords for Sat nav, course joining instructions and very kindly some food in the fridge, as we arrived late on a Sunday.
The accommodation is superb, you won’t be short on space and it was spotlessly clean. I’d certainly recommend staying there.
Mark collected us from the house and we discussed the fine details of the course ahead, they had already planned it as discussed which also allowed me some shooting time to sort out my bad habits and to gradually monitor the other shooters to try and see theirs.
Cups of tea, lunch and plenty of laughs were provided in the club house, mess, galley etc..
The course content and instruction was delivered by two instructors, Ian and Al, and they were fantastic. Ian was the lead instructor and his knowledge and skills flow effortlessly to combine the learning part with humour to stop overloading the students. 
Range safety was paramount and even small indiscretions were halted and corrected. By the end of day one (glock) I knew I had made the right decision to train here. My son left the range with a big grin, and a win, as he outshot me, and he slept soundly indeed.
Day 2 was MP5 and I was allowed to deliver range instructions and watch the shooters for error, some induced deliberately by the instructors some naturally by my son. Again, another huge learning experience for me.
Day 3 was AKM 47 and M4, the instructors added scenarios, stances, ranges, positions and much much more, Ian slowly increased my workload to monitor 2 shooters and talk them through their errors and how to correct, adjust and try again. (I take my hat off to these guys, it’s hard. I also learned I’m far too polite).
In summary.
I’ll certainly return, you don’t get left wanting for ammunition, you don’t get a tick box pass, you earn it and I’ll be recommending their training to others.
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