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We train using semi automatic full bore firearms in correct calibre..
I arrived at my three-day Euro Tactical firearms course with virtually no practical experience of handling semi-auto handguns and modern assault rifles. That situation changed more quickly than I imagined.
By midday of the second day, I had taken UK Police ACPO and UN barrier pistol tests, passing with 95% and 94% respectively, and by the end of the course I was consistently putting decent iron-sight groupings with an M4 carbine into the 100m target from multiple firing positions.
The progress was entirely thanks to the superb training I received from Ian (my principal trainer) and Mark of Euro Tactical. The pace of the instruction was intensive from start to finish, but always progressive and manageable, and with enough applied pressure to keep me on my toes.

All the training felt absolutely grounded in realism, both Ian and Mark bringing their extensive military and security experience to bear, with the focus on simplicity, accuracy and safety. Their knowledge of weaponry was also encyclopedic, and everything was explained with clarity and enthusiasm.

Adding to the package was a friendly reception (thanks Julie), good food and really wonderful accommodation (a peaceful and welcoming French village house).

As a rapid-learning environment for anyone wanting to acquire professional firearms handling, or to take existing skills to the highest levels, I recommend the Euro Tactical training without reservation. The only problem is that I can’t get back quick enough.



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