We train using semi automatic full bore firearms in correct calibre..
All our firearms are in correct form and correct calibre.
We train using semi automatic FULL BORE firearms - No straight pull - No .22s - No replicas

Firearms Training for UK Police Officers

Euro Tactical are the dedicated firearms trainers to St Helena Govt, training their police force to UK AFO standard. 

Euro-Tactical Ltd. have instructors dedicated to the training of Police Firearms Officers.

We regularly train UK Police Officers, in preparation for an initial course or remedial training following unsuccessful completion of the shooting phase of UK AFO course.  As well as those who have encountered problems with shooting during their assessment course.

Euro Tactical successfully attain the required high standard of shooting from potential and current AFO.

We are so confident about our 100% pass rate, that we will refund the course fees to any Officer who does not reach the required standard of shooting on completion of one of our UK Police three day courses.

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