We train using semi automatic full bore firearms in correct calibre..
All our firearms are in correct form and correct calibre.
We train using semi automatic FULL BORE firearms - No straight pull - No .22s - No replicas

Combined Arms for Security in Hostile Environments

CP, Land based, Maritime Security – Competency Certification

Euro Tactical’s role is to far exceed any industry standard. providing a dynamic and flexible firearms training package within a selected, similarly orientated group of up to 8 students.

Groups participants will be selected according to their individual objective. Intensive live fire firearms training with high instructor/student ratios.  

Euro Tactical will adapt to each students’ individual objective. Provide one to one tuition where appropriate to ensure all students achieve their maximum potential within the timescale given.

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The firearms used during the pistol phase selected from Glock 17 9mm, HK USP 9mm,and Sig P226 9mm and during the rifle phase from M4 5.56mm, M16 5.56mm, M14 7.62mm AK74 5.56mm, Sig SG 5505.56mm, G3 7.26mm FAL L1A1 SLR 7.62mm, Remington 700 police .300 win mag, Bar Longtrac .300 win mag, Sako TRG 42, CZ SCORPION EVO3 A1 sub machine gun, LDT MP5, BENELLI M4 12 gauge and others.

  • Principles of Marksmanship
  • Detailed Weapons Brief
  • Safety Handling Drills
  • Firearms Competancy
  • Holster Drills
  • Immediate Action Drills and Reloads
  • Use and Zeroing of Reflex and Iron Sights
  • Snap Shooting
  • Multiple Target Acquisition
  • Shooting from various positions including from cover
  • Accurate and effective target engagement at various distances with Pistols and Rifles
  • Strong and weak hand effective shooting, Assault Rifle and Pistol
  • Use of ‘Complex Optics’ Brief, including Spotting and Zeroing Bolt Action Rifles
  • Stripping, Cleaning and Assembly of all weapons
  • Weapons Handling Tests

This course has been designed to offer a comprehensive Firearms Competency certification for all elements of the security industry, CP, Land based and Martime. Providing an intensive, in depth course within a 3 or 4 day time frame to bring security operators up to date and highly effective using the family of weapon systems that are current within their industry.

Euro Tacticals role as a company founded by former Royal Marines Commando instructors is to far exceed any industry standard, and give individuals the current skillset they require to fulfil their role.

There is a high emphasis on safety, weapons familiarity, accuracy and the ability to adapt and react quickly to scenarios.

This course is specifically designed as a practical firearms course, 100% live-firing range work, designed for potential or existing PCASPs with any level of firearms experience from novice to military. We adapt to your initial level and through intimate coaching provide a intensive package which ensures you achieve your maximum potential within the timescale available. Certification includes all weapons systems and skills acquired and your personal level of accuracy and achievement on the final tests.

Euro Tactical are highly recognised within the industry for their meticulous attention to detail, very high standards and longevity as a specialist Firearms Training Provider. Our reputation has been built and maintained over many years. Our courses progress and develop with an ever changing market and our knowledge and training programmes built on long term experience

We have an exceptionally wide variety of firearms on offer to ensure that you will be well prepared and comfortable with any weapon system that may be encountered, once deployed

Time on the range is paramount along with no limits on ammunition levels. Intimate training providing quick progression to fast and effective snap shooting and multiple target engagements. Covering the considerations, difficulties and anomalies encountered during engagements on board ships. Achieving proficiency in all aspects of shooting and high speed weapon manipulation whilst maintaining a high level of safety awareness.

Upon successful completion, Certification will state that you are safe and competent in numerous weapon systems and certify your personal results from each phase.

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