Hostile Environments

Training/Course structure

The training we received was second to none, very professional and at a good pace.

The course structure is well thought out and delivered so that we were learning and consolidating at an even keel, it also ramped up evenly

so that it all followed on smoothly.


To cover that amount of weaponry in just four days is a major achievement on your part and at no time during the week did I feel I should

have spent more time on any particular weapon.Considering the amount of use they get, all of the weapons are maintained to a very high standard,

which would put some military armouries to shame !!!


The Range compound is adequate for the task and it can only get better and better as you expand, maybe a cleaning bench for the weapons

maybe a good idea, but no doubt that has already been implemented into your plans. Mess/Clubhouse was very warm and relaxing after a morning/afternoon on the firing point.

Admin/Booking of course

This was a painfree exercise conducted by yourself, just a couple of phone calls and then back up emails to keep us all informed, even a weather

forecast. Top notch throughout, takes all the stress out of the booking process hooray !!!!


I shall definitely be recommending Euro Tactical to my colleagues/Ops Managers and friends

Returning to Euro Tactical

I shall certainly be returning at some stage in the hopefully not to distant future

Value for money

I think overall it is great value for money, theres no way you could get the same package with accommadation and travel for anywhere near

the price we paid in the UK.

Overall comments

A very very enjoyable, informative course. I have learned so much more about shooting in 4 days than I did in a whole career in the RN.

I am more confident in all aspects of my marksmanship principals and whoever thought i’d be firing pistols and rifles from my weak side and

still be putting effective fire onto a target !!!!

Thankyou again for a magnificent week and hope to see you all again soon. I shall be joining the club when I can get some cash together

but will probably wait till Sept to go about obtaining the fire arms license.

Bye for now


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