Novice – Foundation Course

The range of firearms available on this course is amazing, the right firearms are chosen to complete different aspects of the course. They are all very well maintained and looked after. Mark’s knowledge of firearms,the accuracy and the range and the handling characteristics of them are absolutely brilliant. He have great guidance when on the range which had dramatic results  when inspecting the target down range.

The range and the facilities provided are brilliant. The range is well lit, clean, and fit for purpose. When not in the range there is a large club house with plenty of tea, coffee, biscuits, cold drinks and even at the end of the day and after shooting had ceased a nice cold beer if you wanted. It made a nice relaxing atmosphere between shoots, being able to sit down and relax on the comfy sofa whilst sipping a beverage of your choice.

The admin and course booking is all arrange by Julie, who is amazing. The contact, the quick response to requests and information was brilliant. Any query would usually be answered within the hour and no request was too small. The whole booking process was very easy, and payment was a breeze. I was very impressed. When I arrived at the airport Julie was already waiting outside to pick us up and take us to our accommodation. A class one service. No waiting around in the cold or getting an expensive taxi.

The accommodation that is provided is a lovely Bed and breakfast located about 30 minutes away from the range in the French County side. You are surrounded by fields and trees, livestock and amazing views. It is run by 2 lovely people Jane and Theo, who were very welcoming. The accommodation was clean, fresh, tidy, fit for purpose, with Wifi available in the main house free of charge. Mobile phone signal is also not a problem which made keeping in contact with loved ones at home a breeze. The food provided is just out of this world. Jane’s evening meals are something else, every night of the week all of us on the course had clean plates, simply amazing after a long hard and stressful day shooting. The atmosphere was very relaxing and in a perfect location to just sit and relax.

I will certainly be recommending Euro Tactical, the whole process was nothing but pleasant from start to finish.

From someone who undertook the course with no prior Firearms experience, I can not comment on this, however I came away from the course feeling I had a real sense of achievement when I passed both of my shooting assessments. The training is intense but very good and very well delivered. There is no stress or pressure put on you by anyone you are encouraged  to partake at your own pace with expert instructors on hand to offer any advice. Richard and Dave both great individuals and always very knowledgeable and helpful. I will be returning at a later date in the year to complete my advanced courses.

The course is very good value for money, accommodation, weapon hire and unlimited ammunition and expert instruction  and lunch at the range, including a BBQ on the last day cooked by Mark himself is all included in the price. There was never a time throughout the course I felt that I had wasted my money and was not learning or achieving anything.

As the youngest individual on the course I was made to fell welcome and was included in all the discussions and was always subject to abut of friendly banter between the instructors and other students. The shooting atmosphere was professional and safe when handling loaded firearms, with clear and precise instruction given so that everyone knows what they are doing and achieve the best possible shot. Outside of the range as mentioned the clubhouse is a nice relaxing environment where you can sit down on the sofas and enjoy a drink of your choice and ta;k through the course content with other students or use the Wifi available and make contact with loved ones back home.
Overall everyone involved in Euro Tactical, Mark, Julie, Ian, Dave and Richard are all very professional friendly and knowledgeable people. They all worked tirelessly to ensure the courses and its content are delivered with the best possible service. I will be coming back in the not too distance future.
Thanks again


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