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Euro Tactical has an excellent selection of firearms.  I personally used a glock 17 and glock 19 pistol and also 2 variants of an AK47 – one with a folding stock.   The firearms were very well maintained and both of the AK’s were nearly new.
When discussing requirements for my course with Euro Tactical I was asked whether or not I wanted to shoot a wider range of firearms which were available on request from the large variety of firearms in Euro Tactical’s armoury.

The range facilities at Euro Tactical are excellent.  The range has up to 10 firing points which run out to a range of 100 metres.  The range is covered and heated and therefore allows for shooting in all weathers.  There is also a very comfortable club house.

Euro Tactical was recommended to me by my rifle shooting instructor in England.
After he made the recommendation I went on to Euro Tactical’s website and then called and had a short conversation with them about my requirements for a 3 day bespoke course over the Easter holiday.
The office was very knowledgeable and came back with an email the same day setting out a programme which they thought would suit my needs together with a price and details of accommodation.
The programme was exactly what I required and the whole booking process was completed within a couple of days.
Including pick up and drop off from the airport and accommodation.

Euro Tactical provide a spacious town house with self catering. The accommodation is first rate with excellent bedrooms and a very pleasant lounge. Extremely well equipped kitchen, solid fuel stove in the lounge is wonderful.. bedrooms are airy, bathrooms superb..

I would unreservedly recommend Euro Tactical for firearms training.
I am a 54 year old lawyer working as a partner in a City of London law firm.
I have never been in the military and my only experience of shooting before attending the Euro Tactical course was with shotguns and bolt action rifles as I am keen deer stalker and game shot.
The three day bespoke course provided by Euro Tactical allowed me to gain a significant level of skill with both glock pistols and AK47’s which I can build on.  The best endorsement I can give is that I have booked a similar 3 day course over the May day bank holiday and I hope to be attending Euro Tactical courses on a regular basis going forward.

The trainers at Euro Tactical are first rate.  Ian my instructor spent most of my time with is a former Royal Navy WO1.  The training he gave me on pistols was excellent and allowed me to go from a complete novice to passing 2 military pistol competency tests and the Association of Chief Police Officers pistol test (with a respectable score of 78%) after 2 days of training.
Ian is also an expert on Soviet weaponry, particularly the AK47 and its variants.  When undertaking training with Ian on AK’s you also get a very interesting history lesson.  At the end of the AK course I was able to pass the Soviet Naval Infantry qualification test.
As I mentioned Ian is a former Matelot and Mark Crawford is a former Bootneck  – this means lots of very entertaining dits are told in the clubhouse (for everybody who is not former Royal Navy or Royal Marines a dit is a good story).
I can only say that the quality of instruction was exemplary – Ian was very patient with me as a civvy who had not handled pistols before and all criticism was constructive.  The overall programme was designed to ensure that I progressed to a standard which allowed me to undertake the test by the end of the programme.

Euro Tactical offer excellent value for money.  I paid £500 per day for a bespoke course, one to one instruction sole range use, including accommodation with all ammunition being provided.  By the second day of my three day course I had already decided to book another course.

The ET family are very welcoming and this is a very well run business.  Safety considerations on the range are paramount, the instructors have a massive amount of experience and excellent training techniques.
Before discovering Euro Tactical I was considering undertaking some firearms training in the US, however, I am so impressed by the standard at Euro Tactical that I will be sticking with them for my future training requirements.

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