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Russian Service Pistol: Gsh-18

What does it have that Western pistols don’t?

Q.I hear that the current Russian Sevice pistol ,the GSh-18 , is something special… What does it have that Western pistols don’t?

A.The Gryazev-Shipunov -18 was designed by the late Arkady Shipunov.The pistol is considerd to be a giant leap forward in hitting power.Glock like in size and weight it was designed around the 7N31 Russian 9 mm round.This is an excepionally powerful round with a 63gr hardened steel core head that will travel at 1970 fps.It has the capability to defeat NIJ Level III body armour and will penetrate 8mm of steel at 10M.It will also fire 7N21 Russian and 9 x 19mm parabellum munitions.Good luck in getting your hands on one!
Russian language promo video with lots of Spetsnaz forward rolls,bad hand positioning and dual pistol wielding here !!

Glock 17

Is there any notable advantage between Gen 4 Glock 17 & Gen 3?

Q.I am looking to own a Glock 17.What are the advantages of a Gen 4 Glock 17 over a Gen 3 and is there any notable advantage to purchasing the latest design?

A.Very much the question of the moment!There are several’tweeks’ in the latest Glock design,the most obvious being the ones to the visible, external design .The Gen 4 has a slightly modified,less aggresive checkering on the grip which is kinder to the hands of a gloveless shooter. This change is more noticable during extended periods of operation .Most notable however, is the the provision of an interchangable backstrap option allowing the option to ‘tailor’ the pistol to suit the operators hand size.The pistol now has an ambidextrous magazine release catch…useful for all you left handed shooters.
Internally ,there is now a dual recoil spring-(Part no. 30274) and it seems that it improves the feel of the pistol when firing.It is quoted in one report as”performing miracles even on the most recent Gen 3 models, which feature the same slide design and build.”
There are other adjustments to ejection ports and extractors as well as some slight ‘shape’ changes to accomodate the new interchangeable backstraps.
So,If you are a left hander with small or large hands then Glock Gen 4s are worth considering.However the Glock Gen 3 in its later form is still a very reliable pistol with proven ability and there is an ‘ambidextrous’ option.As both generations are are being sold, it is very much a question of preference.I hope this helps you with your decision

Am I eligible for a course?

I'm not military or Police, can I still attend?

Q. I am not former military or police can I attend a course?

A. Yes you can. I would like to know what your personal objective is and any experience you have, which is not essential, and then we would be looking to either match you into a course which would suit you and your individual requirement or perhaps to create a bespoke course for you, where you would have sole range use and your personal instructor.


AKS47U or Krinkov?

Q.Why do the Russians call the the AKS47U a ‘Krinkov’?

A.’Call of Duty’ has a lot to answer for.In short,they dont! The Russians call this short barreled folding stock variant “Okurok” which translates as “cigarette stub”, “Kysusha” -a variation of a Russian female name Ksenia, , “Suchok”- small tree branch or “Suka”- bitch !
The “Krinkov” nickname is accepted as being an ‘Americanism’,though some believe it to be an Afghan name for this model.

Firearms, shotguns and hunting rifles?

Safe Handling Courses...

Q. Do you run a safe handling course for firearms, shotguns and hunting rifles?

A. Yes, we can certify your competency and safe handling of a variety of firearms. We would assess your personal requirement and either match you into a suitable course or work with you on a bespoke package.

Extensive Armoury

Are the firearms listed on the website available to me?

Q. There appears to be a very wide range of firearms on your website. Are these all available to me on a shooting course?

A. Yes you are correct, Euro Tactical have the most extensive and versatile armoury available within Europe and the UK for firearms training. Each course is different and we will ask you during booking, if there are specific firearms  you would like to incorporate into your training within the limitations of the course you are attending, your level and the time-frames available.
We try whenever possible cater for each individual within the general group objective.
The current list of semi automatic, full bore firearms that can be experienced is HERE along with other specialist and genuine historic firearms we hold within our armoury.

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